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I hope this finds you well.

The easiest money that you'll ever make is the money you've already earned, right? 

Allow me to elaborate... I recently learned that virtually all card not-present merchants (merchants that store credit/debit cards) like your organization, are regularly dealing with a staggering 15-25% credit card decline rate, and are traditionally able to recover approximately 7-12% of these transactions through their own efforts and means (which is respectable).

I'm writing you as I was recently connected with the heads of FlexPay, whom are able to leverage over 70+ individual data points for each credit card transaction that passes through your system and are able to use these data points to predict the most likely time when each specific transaction is most likely to be approved.  Using this predictive engine, they are able to obtain between a 32%-34% recovery rate (minimum) for our customers (with many customers seeing recovery rates north of 50%+ using FlexPay's proprietary system).

PayFlex helps to minimize false declines from good customers and maximize your profitability.  Too many Card Not Present (CNP) consumer purchases are declined

FlexPay uses statistically based machine learning to understand the best time (when to send the transaction), transit (which processing account to use) and testing process to handle your transactions.  It has the capacity to deal with hundreds of millions of transactions in a given month and is built with a statistical algorithm that is able to collect and analyze new information gained at every transaction. 

FlexPay is consistently finding ways to recover and retain your future transactions. As our software gathers data, the statistical predictions increase in accuracy. FlexPay balances the risk of every transaction against its likelihood of being approved so more of your transactions are approved while mitigating risks. 

No gateway fees or monthly management fees. Simply a percentage fee on recovered transactions.

Feel free to browse their support page or access further information on their unique API here.


Who do I make introductions to?

Please make introductions directly to Alex Moisley (information below)
while CC'ing or BCC'ing: xcel@xcelcompanies.com for tracking purposes.

Channel Partner Manager

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T    800.514.1988 Ext: 235
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